What is RYLA

is the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. It is a 7 day residential seminar for 18 – 25 year old’s sponsored by the Rotary Clubs within Rotary International District 9510 (SA, and parts of NT/NSW/VIC). RYLA is often felt as a life changing experience, it has the capacity to instill, motivate and develop future leaders in one of the most intensive leadership experiences available in South Australia.

RYLA empowers young individuals through exposure to a range of qualified professional speakers, small and large group activities, touching on topics such as:

  • leadership and personality styles
  • working in teams
  • self belief
  • conflict management
  • goal setting
  • public speaking

Our speakers leave participants feeling motivated and inspired. RYLA’s youth team leaders also complement the experience through their informal activities and support.

RYLA enables participants to network and form friendships with a diverse range of like-minded youth, including those from an international background.